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A Guide to Different Classes of Office Buildings: Class A, Class B, Class C

A Guide to Different Classes of Office Buildings: Class A, Class B, Class C


Two business centers that are nearly identical in square footage and basic amenities may vary wildly in location, building condition, and general aesthetic. For this reason, general classifications have been developed to differentiate the types of office buildings on the market.

The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) has established a three-tier rating system to assign buildings with a classification.

Having a general sense of a Class A building space definition vs a Class B or Class C can be helpful when evaluating different properties.

📍 Location – Within the market, where is the building located? This takes into account the neighborhood, proximity of transportation, and nearby resources.
📍 Building Age and Condition – How old is the building and what condition has it been kept in. Are there significant upgrades pending? Has the building been modernized in the last several decades?
📍 Amenities – What does the building offer in addition to office space? This could include fitness centers, daycare, restaurants, bars, pet care, or retail outlets, both within the building and adjacent.
📍 Aesthetic – How does the building look? This may relate to building age and condition, but could also be relevant to the architecture of the building itself.

Source: Sharp Launch

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