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Astana Smart City
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Astana Smart City

In 2017 Urban Experts designed a project of modern urban space at the location of the existing soviet residential area with obsolete buildings and infrastructure. NAI Ukraine worked in partnership with NAI GPI, a company based in Kazakhstan. As a result of comprehensive surveys, the company offered efficient models of redevelopments including economic and architecture components.

Our services for the project

Architectural services: master planning, architecture solutions for the modernization of the old buildings, implementation of innovative technologies in infrastructure

Consulting services: feasibility study, commercial concept, strategic planning

Economic model

An economic aspect includes the cost of the area regeneration – public amenities, yards. We executed surveys of two options for the project realization based housing density.

In the first case, we offered to build new residential around the perimeter of the district and build extra floors on existing residential buildings where it is possible. Such approaches, which can generate additional revenue for the project, were used in many European countries – Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

In the second case, we offered the demolition of the most obsolete houses with the resettlement of residents in new apartments. In this case, the construction of new modern buildings can be built on the sites of the demolished houses.

Financing involving the city and investors was calculated. The project can be implemented without the support of the city, with minimal support and full urban funding. Also, we calculated and offered the model of appealing investors and city funding. Thus, the project can be realized both without or with city support.

Architecture model

Firstly architects from Urban Experts and Leslie Jones Architecture made a master plan. The key focus and priority of the architects were barrier-free space for pedestrians and cyclists. They reorganized traffic and made parking outside the courtyard based on the principle of shared space. Neighborhoods have playgrounds, sports fields, and recreational areas with soft-covers.

Analytics and Research by NAI Ukraine

Architectural services

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