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Office Real Estate: trends from 2020 turning to must haves in 2021

Office Real Estate: trends from 2020 turning to must haves in 2021


Office Real Estate: trends from 2020 turning to must haves in 2021

After analyzing the global trends of 2020, as an international company, we have highlighted the main trends in the work of offices, which will be the norm in 2021.

For quite some time now, office owners and company executives have been doing their best to make the workspace as safe as possible for employees. Offices have undergone significant changes to prepare for a full-scale return to work.

Significant investments are being made in order to create secure office space: modern spaces are equipped with contactless technologies and ensure social distance.

Colleagues from NAI Global proposed optimal approaches to responding to changes caused by the pandemic and adapting to the needs of office real estate users:

  1. development of guides concerning the restrictions of office space capacities and ensuring social distance, wearing masks, installing markings that will ensure the movement of employees with minimal contact;
  2. free lunches: this trend was popular before, but now the reasons for its implementation are caused by restrictions. It is not only profitable to the team members from a financial point of view, but also emphasizes the companies’ social responsibility, because such actions support HoReCa sphere, which suffered the most during the lockdown;
  3. discounts on parking: unlike the parking spaces near business centers, parking at home is free, so privileged parking is becoming another industry standard in the office sector.

Stay one step ahead – create safe and comfortable office space for your teams and be healthy!

For additional information regarding office real estate, please contact our managers Anna Orekhova and Natalia Stefashina by phone: +38 044 344 10 84





Analytics and Research by NAI Ukraine

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