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Will offices go out of style in 2021?

Will offices go out of style in 2021?


Will offices go out of style in 2021?

From the very beginning of 2021, the remote work format remains on leading positions and most companies accept the WFH model as permanent. According to NAI Global CRE professionals has been keeping a concerned eye on office density. Does this mean offices will go out of style in 2021?

The answer is unequivocal – no. A hybrid culture that combines a partial presence of teams in offices and a remote format will be a sustainable business norm in 2021. Therefore, companies will just need to adjust their real estate needs.

Let’s highlight the main trends in changing the approach to organizing office spaces:

  • with fewer people in the workplace, office tenants will naturally be downsizing. However, not everyone will follow the path of reducing square meters, because they are valuable for cultivating a safe and socially-distant work environment;
  • a number of companies will completely switch to remote work, but this approach is typical for a minority. Most companies still view office assets as essential to business;
  • office density will be impacted most in 2021. Many companies are pushing for offices with less individual work space and larger flexible areas. Maximizing the way tenants use their workspace will be the main point of change within the office sector next year;
  • new trends in design and spatial zoning are already emerging, in particular the demand for the organization of office systems (separate work areas, an increase in the number of partitions to replace open space), adaptability (video conference rooms), creation of a comfortable atmosphere (an increase in individual recreation areas);
  • introduction of innovative solutions in the maintenance and operation of the office space: temperature screening, areas for disinfection;
  • changing the behavior of tenant companies: focus on premises that are fully furnished or with basic repairs after the previous tenant, in order to save money and time for complex construction and installation work.

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Analytics and Research by NAI Ukraine

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