BC Sigma

BC Sigma

Class B

GLA: 28 185 m2

Parking: 96+119 p/p

New Class B business center is located at Vaclav Havel (Ivan Lepse), 6 Street, building 3 (letter “U”). The immediate environment, in addition to the L-Quarter residential complex under construction, is represented by the Premium and Silver office centers, BMW auto. This area of ​​Kyiv is developing fast and dynamically. The nearest metro station Beresteyska is within 10-minute walking distance. In the immediate vicinity of the business center, there are a significant number of public transport routes. The BC has three underground levels and nine ground levels, including a superstructure. The first 7 floors are office premises, the 8th level and the superstructure are technical rooms. The BC features include the presence of open terraces at the ends of some office floors (floors 4,5 and 7). The building has a central air conditioning and ventilation system (fan coil units and roof chillers are installed, air ducts are installed). A fire alarm and fire extinguishing system are installed. The building provides autonomous heating – radiators and a roof boiler room (in the superstructure) are installed. The building has two elevator groups, as well as one elevator from the underground parking (a total of 7 elevators are installed).

BC Sigma BC Sigma
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