BC Toronto Kiev

BC Toronto Kiev

Class A

GBA: 7 885 sq.m

GLA: 5 565 sq.m

Parking: 499

BC Toronto Kiev is an indicator of the European level of comfort, offering retail and office real estate of class “A”. This object has good transport accessibility. The facility is surrounded by various business and shopping centers, famous boutiques and residential buildings.

In addition, the main highways of the city are located nearby, allowing you to quickly get to the center of Kiev and have good connections with other areas of the metropolis. Also, do not forget about the proximity of metro stations such as Olimpiyskaya and Palace of Sports.

BC Toronto Kiev consists of 4 blocks. The entrance group of two office buildings faces on Antonovycha Street, the other two in the internal atrium of the complex with Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street.

The tourist area of the multifunctional center is formed by a shopping arcade connecting Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street and Antonovycha Street. It also houses restaurants, airline offices, travel agencies, and other companies whose services complement the infrastructure of the complex as a whole.

Regarding the technical characteristics of the BC Toronto Kiev, the facility is equipped with:

– power supply system with its own generator;

– central sewerage and water supply system;

– autonomous heating system and water heating;

– Schindler elevators;

– security and fire alarms;

– fire extinguishing system;

– security system with round-the-clock video surveillance;

– electronic system of admission to the building;

– central building management system;

– telecommunication system from several providers.

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