BC Livoberezhnyi

BC Livoberezhnyi

Class B

GBA: 9 270,10 sq.m

GLA: 6 000 sq.m

Parking: 150

Designed by the best architects in Ukraine, Multifunctional Center Livoberezhnyi is a state-of the-art, nine storey complex in the heart of Kyiv with a total area of 9,270.10 sq. m.

We offer our clients glass facades, high ceilings, 24/7 security, and the most modern communications systems.

Our complex has received B+ international classification.

Situated at the intersection of Brovarsky Prospekt and Yevhen Sverstyuk, Dniprovskyi district, our complex is within a minute’s walk of Livoberezhnaya subway station and only 10 minutes from the absolute centre of Kyiv.

Our clients can easily walk to the International Exhibition Centre, head bank branches, grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels. Our unique location also allows clients to access any part of the city in the shortest amount of time possible. ..

Livoberezhny Center is a modern building, which combines shopping gallery located on the first 3 floors of the building, and high-quality, safe office space, available in open concept and office style arrangement (with the possibility of redevelopment for the tenant needs and preferences) located on 6 floors with more than 6 000 sq.m of space.

Smart separation of shopping and office space ensures quiet working conditions for all customers of our Center.

BC Livoberezhnyi BC Livoberezhnyi BC Livoberezhnyi BC Livoberezhnyi BC Livoberezhnyi BC Livoberezhnyi


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