BC Kharkivske Shosse

BC Kharkivske Shosse

Class B

GBA: 26 010 sq.m

Parking: 200

BC Kharkivske Shosse is one of the largest office centers in the Darnitsky region. Renting an office in a business center near the Borispolskaya metro station will appeal to many companies. The advantages of placing an office in this business center: finished office premises with renovation, excellent transport interchange, close proximity to the Borispolskaya metro station. The office center is located on Kharkivska Square, a roundabout of the main highways: Kharkivskoe highway, in the direction of the Left Bank of Kiev, Nikolai Bazhan Avenue, leading to the center of Kiev, and Borispolskoe Highway, connecting the city with the Borispol airport.

The facade of one of the buildings of the business center is made in glass, which allows not only to provide maximum access to daylight in the office premises, but also opens up a magnificent panoramic view.

The complex is full of infrastructure facilities: there are cafes, a pharmacy, ticket offices, tourist operators, supermarkets, car service stations and other related services.

Near the business center there are Toyota auto center, Kristall business center, Raziotel Kyiv, Kyiv Institute of the National University «Odessa Law Academy».

BC Kharkivske Shosse BC Kharkivske Shosse BC Kharkivske Shosse


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