BC Dominant

BC Dominant

Class A

GBA: 6 000 sq.m

Parking: 80

BC Dominant is one of the most prestigious class A business complexes in Kiev. Due to its unique Art Nouveau architecture, good transport accessibility and a high level of comfort, this is one of the best business complexes in the Pechersky district, where office rental is possible.

Technical features of the building: elevators without a machine room, a small-sized heat station, a chiller-fan coil ventilation and air conditioning system, and a control system for all engineering systems of the facility from a single control room (VMB).

Architectural features of the building: open floor plans, a hinged ventilated facade with Italian porcelain stoneware tiles, inverted roofing, tinted glass in translucent facade designs, unique cupola towers made of copper scales in the style of Kiev Art Nouveau.

Being a part of the new Bessarabian quarter, the building of the BC Dominant has a unique face and the highest level of comfort.

BC DominantBC DominantBC Dominant
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