BC Bulgakov

BC Bulgakov

Class A

GBA: 6 335 sq.m

Parking: 50

BC Bulgakov is a class A office complex, which is located in the Podolsky district of Kiev. The facade of the building located at the corner of two streets: Nizhniy Val Street and Zhitnetorzhskaya Street. The business center attracts attention with its brevity and sophistication. Due to its unique location, the windows of the office center offer amazing panoramas of the old city.

BC Bulgakov provides for rent premises with renovation, both in the classic style and in the style of Loft and Hi-Tech. The open layout of the office lots allows tenants to adapt the space to their liking and functionality. Renting an office in BC Bulgakov is possible from 50 sq.m and more, while the area of a typical floor of an office center is 800 sq.m.

As for the technical characteristics of BC Bulgakov, this office complex is equipped with:

– modern air conditioning system with the ability to adjust the air temperature individually in each office;

– centrally supply and exhaust ventilation;

– comfortable elevators;

– modern security system with video surveillance in the trade and office area;

– fire and security alarm;

– autonomous heating;

– own transformer substation;

– telecommunication system.

BC Bulgakov BC Bulgakov BC Bulgakov BC Bulgakov BC Bulgakov BC Bulgakov BC Bulgakov


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