BC Astarta

BC Astarta

Class A

Date of comissioning: 2018

GBA: 62 685 sq. m

GLA: 35 500 sq. m

Parking: 462 cars

Business Center Astarta is the first building in Ukraine, built in accordance with green building technologies and certified according to the international BREEAM standard (August 2016). During the construction and further operation of the business center, environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies, modern engineering, and intelligent control systems are used. The architectural concept and design was developed by the leading commercial real estate consulting company SCG INTERNATIONAL (Great Britain) and adapted for Ukraine by the Kramall Studio design bureau.

BC Astarta is the only office building in Ukraine that has a courtyard with a recreation area for BC tenants and guests of the quarter: a stylish square, a green lawn for walks, a fountain with lighting, comfortable benches and small architectural forms, a summer terrace.

BC Astarta BC Astarta BC Astarta BC Astarta BC Astarta


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