BC 101 Tower

BC 101 Tower

Class A

Year of commissioning: 2012

GBA: 58 404 sq. m

GLA: 38 341 sq. m

Parking: 259 cars

BC 101 Tower is an example of high standards in the segment of office real estate in Kyiv. This business center is remarkable in everything: a unique look, perfect engineering, convenient layouts, top-level service and an advantageous location.

The concept of an “intelligent building” is implemented in the business center. Full scheduling of all life support systems and the functioning of the building is carried out from a single remote control. An access control system for electronic plastic cards has been established.

With the help of a centralized security system, round-the-clock video surveillance is carried out inside and outside the building. The first category of power supply reliability is supplemented by its own diesel generator. A comfortable micro-climate in the premises is provided by a centralized air conditioning system, uninterrupted communication – modern fiber-optic lines.

BC 101 Tower BC 101 Tower BC 101 Tower BC 101 Tower


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