Warehouse complex “Zazimye”

Warehouse complex “Zazimye”


Class A

GBA: 35 000 sq.m.

A warehouse complex “Zazimye” consists of 20 warehouse buildings and a modern administrative building. The total warehouse area is 35,000 sq.m. Buildings of various types and purposes: capital warehouses with heating; capital warehouses without heating; warehouses – hangars; open areas with and without coating, for storage of building materials or parking lots.

Along with the warehouse, you can rent an office from 18 to 300 sq.m. You can choose an option both in the “cabinet system” format and in the “open space” format. The premises are renovated and equipped with all the necessary conditions for work, including access to the Internet and telephones.

There are an access control system and video surveillance. There is parking, a hostel for workers. High level of service and maintenance. A convenient asphalt road for cars and trucks leads to the warehouse complex.

Warehouses description:

  • Ceilings from 3.5 to 12 meters;
  • Concrete polished floors, there is a special coating;
  • Back rooms and staff cabins inside warehouses;
  • Several gates for entering each warehouse;
  • Cathead;
  • Ramps (skew, long, etc.), there are warehouses without ramps;
  • Security and video surveillance.



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