Logistics complex Protec Zymna Voda

Logistics complex Protec Zymna Voda

Class A

An extremely important advantage of the complex is its location at the intersection of two main roads international connection Lviv-Shehyni and Lviv-Krakivets and directly on the Ring Bypass Road of Lviv, which is part of the highway M-06 Kyiv-Chop.

Following the completion of the planned construction of the Northern Bypass of Lviv, it will become part of the GO Highway transnational corridor, which connects the Ukrainian ports of the Black Sea with the Polish ports of the Baltic Sea in Gdansk and Gdynia.

The peculiarity of this Protec Zymna Voda complex is that a significant part of it will be high-tech medium and low-temperature warehouses.

Characteristics of the 1st stage of the complex

  • class A +
  • area of dry warehouses 42000 m² (temperature +15 +24 Сº)
  • area of refrigerated warehouses 21000 m² (temperature -2 +10 Cº; -18 -22 Cº)
  • area of office and household premises 10000 m²
  • working height of the warehouse is 12.5 m
  • rack storage of goods up to 12 m high
  • step of columns 12 * 24 m
  • power supply of the 2nd category 5.5 mW
  • 2 diesel generators of reserve power supply * 250 kVA
  • solid fuel boiler house 3.8 mW
  • water supply 400 m³ / d
  • energy-saving electric lighting
  • 170 sectional gates with docklevelers
  • anti-dust floor covering
  • sprinkler system of water fire extinguishing
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Yard Management System
  • equipping with the required amount of loading equipment
  • round-the-clock security system with video surveillance
  • checkpoint system
  • parking area for 300 cars and large vehicles
  • convenient access roads


  • rent of warehouses and office premises
  • rent of refrigerating warehouses (temperature -2 +10 Сº)
  • rent of freezing warehouses (temperature -18 -22 Сº)
  • warehousing outsourcing services
  • loading and unloading services and cargo handling
  • temporary and permanent responsible storage
  • accounting, sorting, equipment, packaging, labelling
  • preparation for transportation, inventory, cross-docking
  • preparation of necessary documentation, reporting
  • delivery of goods of a car from 1,5 to 20 t across the territory of Ukraine

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