Refrigerated warehouses Protec Zymna Voda

Refrigerated warehouses Protec Zymna Voda

Class A

The total area of the refrigerated warehouses of the Protec Zymna Voda production and logistics complex is 21,000 m2.

The maximum height of the refrigerated warehouse can be up to 11.5 m.

The unit is equipped with the most modern refrigeration systems to maintain low and medium temperatures.

  • Medium temperature chambers with a temperature range of -2…+10 ˚C for storage of fruits, vegetables and refrigerated food
  • Low-temperature chambers with a temperature range of -22…-18 ˚C for storage of frozen food

The complex provides expedition chambers with temperatures of +8…+12 ˚C, and transport corridors.

For each chamber there are special refrigerating doors, which have the necessary thermal insulation characteristics and provide the required density.

Refrigeration systems are designed on the basis of equipment from world-famous manufacturers:

  • Bitzer (refrigeration compressors)
  • Guntner (air coolers, air condensers)
  • Carel, Castel, Danfoss, Alco (refrigeration automation)

The equipment is selected on the principles of maximum energy efficiency and reliability, that is:

  • large area evaporators and condensers, which provide less drying of the product, uninterrupted operation in hot weather, energy savings up to 5% on compressors
  • Electronic control valves (ECV) for freon supply, which ensure smooth operation in the entire temperature range. The savings can be up to 35% of the electricity consumed by the compressors (in the cold season due to the “floating condensation point”)
  • due to less icing of the evaporator when using ECV reduces the duration of the thawing process
  • monitoring system that allows you to monitor the operation of all components remotely, change settings, track emergencies

The control panels of refrigeration systems provide:

  • protection against loss and distortion of supply phase voltages
  • control of work of the magnetic starter of the compressor
  • circuit breakers and contactors of all motors and heating elements of the system
  • indication of supply voltage, operating modes and accidents
  • condensation pressure (temperature) control system
  • protection against emergency pressures (freon and oil)
  • protection against flooding the compressor with freon in case of emergencies
  • separate switching on of compressor load and defrost heaters (reducing the load on the electrical network)

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