Logistics Center RLC

Logistics Center RLC

Class A

GBA: 65 000 sq.m.

Multi-temperature logistics center “RLC – Kvitneve” (Kiev region) is the largest and most modern refrigeration and logistics complex in Ukraine of category “A” for a group of goods requiring special temperature storage with a total area of over 65,000 sq. M. warehouse and office premises. The RLC multi-temperature logistics center was designed and built taking into account modern rules and trends in the operation of refrigerated warehouses, using high-quality building materials and technological equipment from world leaders.

The RLC-Odessa multi-temperature logistics complex is located next to the Kiev-Odessa highway (M05, E95) in the area of the village Dachne (Odessa region) – 10 km from the line of Odessa. Class A facility, commissioned in 2015 in the construction of which the most advanced technologies (including «green» ones) were used, with a total area of over 36,000 sq. m. warehouse, office and additional space.

The structures of the warehouse complexes of the RLC company allow storage of products at various temperature conditions with optimal energy consumption:

  • frozen group of goods – from -24 C to 0 C;
  • chilled group of goods – from 0 C to + 14 C;
  • goods that do not require temperature control – а heated warehouse.

The facilities are designed to ensure high operational efficiency and are equipped with:

  • high-speed gates;
  • office and household premises;
  • battery rooms;
  • large parking for cars;
  • video surveillance system;
  • digital telephony and the Internet.



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