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April City


Відкриття: 2020

GBA: 132 000 кв.м.

GLA: 52 000 кв.м.

Kyivproject Development has developed a unique concept of a multifunctional complex that has no analogues in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The total area of the facility is 131,111 square meters, it includes “APRIL City” and “APRIL TOWER”.

The architectural solution of the project was developed by Leslie Jones Architecture together with Urban Experts, the brokerage is carried out by NAI Ukraine.

“APRIL City” is in the active stage of construction and installation works, the commissioning of the complex is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2020. The concept and location of the center has several significant advantages, which clearly distinguishes it from all shopping and entertainment centers of the capital”APRIL City” is a transport hub “Ring Road”, which combines the final station of a high-speed tram, eight public transport stops, which serve 30+ routes, and intercepts parking for 1,300 cars.

  • “APRIL City” is adjacent to the main transport arteries of Sviatoshynskyi district – the Ring Road (passenger traffic more than 129,000 people per day) and Lesya Kurbas Avenue (passenger traffic more than 50,000 people per day), and the terminus of the high-speed tram, as an analogue of the underground, provides a constant flow of more than 28,000 people a day.

For the convenience of passengers, all public transport stops are located in the common service area “APRIL City”.

  • APRIL City complex is located in one of the most densely populated areas of Kyiv. Sviatoshynskyi district ranks 4th in terms of population density in Kyiv, which is about 465,000 permanent residents. More than 42,000 people live within walking distance of the complex, and about 160,000 people live in the predominant coverage area.
  • The Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district is being actively built in the 10-minute zone from the APRIL City facility, and as of the 4th quarter of 2018, it has more than 155 new residential complexes. The expected population growth by 2023 is +250,000 people. It should be noted that according to NAI Ukraine analysts, in 2018 among the districts of Kyiv region in terms of the volume of housing commissioned, the leading place is occupied by Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district with an indicator of 42% of the total.

The total passenger flow of the APRIL City location is over 207,000 people per day.

A unique feature of “APRIL City” is the location of the final station of the high-speed tram “Ring Road” directly inside the complex, which means that “APRIL City” is provided with a significant flow of new visitors every 3 minutes!

The unique, socially oriented concept of “APRIL City” allows its visitors to find a huge number of ways to have a pleasant and useful time. It will have more than 300 stores and 20 anchor tenants. Large shopping areas, small boutiques, attractive recreation areas, supermarkets, cozy bars and restaurants, as well as the only modern cinema in the area, children’s entertainment center, coworking space and the only service center of administrative services of Sviatoshynskyi district – all this includes ” APRIL City ».


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