An appeal to NAI community

An appeal to NAI community


Dear NAI family with all the branches, offices, and partners all over the world,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of YOU for your enormous support on behalf of the team of NAI Ukraine.

Every day our team fights for the freedom of our country, literally and at the volunteering fields. We count moments till the day this fascist war will end with the victory of freedom and human rights.

We wait to greet our warriors, to see families reunited, to hear from those who lost contact. We pray to meet again in our office soon. And then, step by step, rebuild our homes and our country.

It is so encouraging to feel your hand in these challenging times. Your generous donation will help us to relocate and support our team members and their families, to keep them safe and provided with the essentials.


Vitalii Boiko

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