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5 things everyone can learn from fitness retailers

5 things everyone can learn from fitness retailers


✅ Be Ready to Kick-Off Strong

There’s no room for errors during the early stages of market reopening. All businesses should be preparing to implement the region’s official re-opening guidelines.

✅ Social Distancing, Disinfecting, and other Safety Measures

Make sure the space is equipped for social distancing, clean often with products proven to disinfect and kill germs, and limit the headcount of people on the premises at any given time.

✅ Regaining Trust Won’t Happen ASAP

It takes consistent efforts, persistence, and patience. Be ready to talk to clients about how your brand is going above and beyond to mitigate the looming risks.

✅ Redesigning Spaces

Wider aisles, more distance between personal spaces, and un-crowding anywhere that would pile up people. Interior spaces for all businesses likely need to be adjusted to keep pace with re-opening trends.

✅ Employees Come First

Regardless of industry, the main focus of any business reopening needs to be their teams. The long-term success lies in the health, protection, and happiness of your employees.

Source: NAI Global

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