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Could a Coworking Space be Right for Your Business?

Could a Coworking Space be Right for Your Business?


The concept of coworking, sharing a workspace with a number of other businesses or individuals, has been growing steadily in popularity over the past several years in response to changing global business needs.

In collaboration with Coworking Community we will discuss the key benefits of coworking to help you understand: could a Coworking Space be Right for Your Business?

ℹ Discipline
Many self-employed business owners and freelancers find that renting a dedicated desk in a coworking space provides them with a much-needed sense of structure that would otherwise be lacking in their home office or local coffee shop.

ℹ Networking and knowledge sharing
The coworking environment is a great space to connect and collaborate on a professional level without attending formal industry networking events. Each coworking space becomes a unique pool of talent that can lead to mutually beneficial relationships for all occupants. Never Eat Alone

ℹ Convenience
Tenants can utilise amenities like meeting rooms, board rooms, and IT facilities, such as video conferencing tools, which they might not otherwise have at their disposal.

ℹ Innovation
Many coworkings install innovative tools in their spaces for comfortable work – for example, soundproof telephone booths for telephone calls or airtight meeting rooms.

Source: Instant Offices

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