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Coronavirus pandemic promoted growth in demand for cottage housing in the suburbs of Kyiv

Coronavirus pandemic promoted growth in demand for cottage housing in the suburbs of Kyiv


Coronavirus pandemic promoted growth in demand for cottage housing in the suburbs of Kyiv

Growth in demand for cottage housing in Kyiv suburbs in 2020 was caused by the coronavirus pandemic, real estate developers note sales increase by 15-20%.

The pandemic has forced people to reconsider their views on living in favor of more comfortable surroundings and more space. Most of the cottage developers noted interest increase in the real estate they sell: some noted sales increase by 15-20%, some remained at the pre-quarantine level. At the same time, many capital developers of multi-storey complexes noted some downfall in demand.

Last year in demand pattern also appeared a segment of business-class buyer that considers the acquisition of suburban housing both for living and in terms of investment.

Herewith, projects that are balanced in functionality, area and price are in the greatest demand: 100-200 sq. m with a plot of no more than 12 areas, with developed infrastructure and natural recreational resources nearby. At the same time, houses with a larger area and outdated architecture are sold much more difficult.

The architecture and urban planning of suburban residential buildings requires a different approach than real estate within the city, where density and infrastructure within walking distance are important. Here is important the feeling of larger space and view perspectives, lower density and height of buildings, which does not put pressure on residents. We need to create more unity with nature and a calm environment for relaxation after work in a noisy and dynamic metropolis.

In addition, the townhouse format is gaining popularity with average area of about 150-175 sq. m and adjoining territory of 1-2 areas. According to the NAI, about 60% of all low-rise projects in the suburbs of the capital include such a format in the proposal.

For today, this format of housing, at least in small quantities, is represented in 60% of all low-rise buildings in the Kyiv region. Townhouses occupy 20% in the structure of the total number of low-rise housings sold in the Kyiv region.

In general, the decrease in the formats of suburban cottage development and the minimum inflationary rise in prices in this segment ensures the continued demand for this type of housing in 2021.

Over the year, prices for houses in the suburbs of Kyiv increased in hryvnia by 26.6%, and in dollars – by 5%. But in general, over the past 10 years, prices have shown a downward trend. This, together with the switch from giant mansions of 500+ sq. m in places with a complete lack of infrastructure, today allows the suburban market to become interesting for the customer and offer optimal formats in places with an already more developed infrastructure at a competitive price.


Analytics and Research by NAI Ukraine

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