Business All-inclusive: coworking-spaces in hotels

Business All-inclusive: coworking-spaces in hotels


More recently, remote work was associated exclusively with freelancers, the creative industry, and IT specialists. But that was before the COVID-19 pandemic affected every profession in existence. Daily visits to the office with open space, meetings, and conversations with colleagues for a cup of coffee have changed to zoom-meeting in improvised home offices or co-working spaces.

The «classic» workplace we knew has changed, adapting to the new reality. According to the study*, 51% of people would like to work in outside places, such as cafes or co-working spaces.

Commercial real estate is transformed, and today hotels offer their guests a new concept: hybrid solutions.

The reorganization of free space for co-working was the best choice for hotels, specialized in corporate events and conferences. In these establishments, there are many flexible spaces and conference halls, and also technological equipment for the most demanding business communication.

NAI Ukraine – one of the leading consulting and brokerage companies in real estate, prepared material about the most common integration of co-working spaces in the hotel, which are now being implemented in the world:

Coworking integrated into the hotel lobby – an area with a comfortable workspace, armchairs, and coffee tables.  The room is planned in such a way that business and rest did not interfere with each other.

Such a format of co-working is popular with global hotel chains like Hilton, Radisson Blu Hotel, Marriott Hotels, and Westin Grand Hotels.

Guests of these hotels can pre-book a specific place or negotiating room with all the necessary technological equipment.

Hybrid numbers in hotels – rooms that harmoniously combine the comfort of a hotel room with a technically equipped workspace.

For example, Radisson has kept in their hotel a calm atmosphere, while equipped inside the workplace: in the rooms, there is a large desk, comfortable chairs, coffee machine, and reliable high-speed Internet. The hybrid rooms also have a wireless keyboard and mouse, a portable speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to connect a second screen if needed.

The collaboration of two brands – the hotel and co-working, which are in one or neighboring buildings, and «divide» their customers.

For example, an interesting case from the founders of the first capsular hotel in Ukraine – a hotel with a 24-hour co-working MonoHub in the heart of Kyiv. The co-working room offers open spaces, negotiating rooms, bike tables for sports, and capsules for rest and sleep. Hotel and co-working have different inputs, but each other combines inside – guests of the hotel can get into co-working (and vice versa) by special pass.

A strong hotel brand opens its own co-working space

DBI Hotels & Resorts is a full-service hotel operator offering comprehensive hotel management solutions to owners of small and medium-sized hotels in Ukraine and other European countries.

The company’s head office is in Switzerland. In Ukraine, the operator manages two hotels – Ramada Encore Kyiv and Number 21.

We asked Irantha Duwage, CEO of DBI Hotels & Resorts about co-working MOIWORKS (Ramada Encore):

«Not just because of the pandemic, we saw traditional hotel conferences or real estate office space renting agreements were changing, it started early as 2015. Today people are looking to get benefits out of the sharing economy. If a hotel to be competitive, operators like us must act according to the demand. Today, we see the demand for 24/7 Coworking with the possibility of living.

We opened our own coworking space at the Ramada Encore Kyiv before the pandemic. MOIWORKS has already signed six contracts in Europe and Asia (including Ukraine). As for me, it’s a better local company with all international brand elements that work and supports the Ukrainian economy.  And it’s much better than a big international brand.»

The material was prepared by the PR-specialist of NAI Ukraine Anastasiya Gavrilina in cooperation with the Coworking Association of Ukraine.

* Future of Work Report 2020: What the Future Holds for Coworking & Remote Work

Source: Property Times

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