Property Management

As a representative of the network of consulting companies NAI Global, NAI Ukraine belongs to the structure which is one of the largest player on american investments market and which disposes of 150 bln dollars investment funds. Knowledge of Ukrainian law, great experience in working with local real estate market, cooperation with powerful foreign partners are the key to successful asset management, property management and facility-management provided by our experts.

In cooperation with banks the company offers 2 types of services: property management and facility management. Providing of those services by our company has a lot of advantages:

Property management:

  • Organization/optimization of objects maintenance
  • Facility’s accounting maintenance
  • Budgeting
  • Tenants repairs control
  • The arranging of municipal contracts
  • Permits and recovery documentation
  • Document’s base and object’s data management
  • Audit support/due diligence in facility sales

Facility management:

  • Regular service (cleaning, systems engineering, locksmith and plumbing work)
  • Emergencies response
  • Reception, security, parking organization
  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Utilization of secondary resources
  • Preparations for the sale

The advantages banks will receive while working with us:

  • Professional management turns real estate object in investment product which is obvious for owners and buyers
  • Management company is responsible for the result (ensuring the continuous operations; achieving occupancy indicators; implementation of financial plans)
  • Professional action of the company is insured with 1 million dollars
  • The possibility of signing lease agreements on market conditions (landlord responsibilities and risks borne by the Management company, not the bank)
  • Rapid emergency response
  • A flexible approach to the recruitment of the project staff
  • Knowledge of main players of real estate markets (investors, developers, tenants, retailers, service providers and government agencies)
  • Listing in international NAI Global base (more than 300 offices in more than 50 countries)
  • Possibility to attract the best professionals with great experience inside NAI Global network
  • Increasing of investment attractiveness of the object through professional marketing and PR-support
  • The facility is in the constant readiness for sale
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Property Management NAI Ukraine
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