Ilyinsky BC

Ilyinsky BC

Class A

Class B

Year of commissioning: 2005 - 2008

GBA: 43 235 sq. m

GLA: 37 125 sq. m

Parking: 154 cars

Ilyinsky Business Center is a business center on Podil, class A and B+. The building project was developed by the Institute of Modern Design LLC taking into account modern urban planning requirements and the historical and cultural value of the built-up area. It combines elements of classical architecture of the late 19th century and modern postmodernism, emphasized by architectural lighting.

In 2007, at the annual competition held by the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine, the Ilyinsky Business Center received a 1st degree diploma as the “Best Administrative Building Built in Ukraine”, and by Decree of the President of Ukraine No.457 / 2009 dated June 18, 2009, the building of the business center awarded the State Prize in the field of architecture.

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