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Welcome VIVASAN at Blockbuster Mall!

Welcome VIVASAN at Blockbuster Mall!


Welcome VIVASAN at Blockbuster Mall!

Medical and decorative cosmetics of the Swiss brand VIVASAN is presented in Blockbuster Mall since yesterday.

We would like to remind you benefits of VIVASAN’s products:

  • manufactured according to GMP standards (tested by the Swiss state body Swissmedic);
  • developed on the environmentally friendly and natural materials for protecting customer’s health;
  • avoid usage of genetically modified or synthetic chemicals;
  • usage of natural additives;
  • old recipes are produced using modern technologies.

In the store you can buy essential and basic oils, multivitamin complexes, therapeutic creams and gels, hair care products, etc.

We are proud that fruitful work of NAI Ukraine brokers ensured the opening of an eco-friendly store in Blockbuster Mall!

If you are interested in location for your business in the leading Ukrainian malls, please contact us: 38 044 33 77 6 77,

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