Valuation of the real estate projects – results of the round-table discussion

Valuation of the real estate projects – results of the round-table discussion


Valuation of the real estate projects in conditions of the closed market was a major topic of the round-table discussion co-organised by real estate association URE Club and consulting company NAI Ukraine

November 8, 2018, the round-table meeting on Valuation of the real estate projects took place in IQ Business Center. It was the first event in the year, which was officially supported by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

The event gathered over 70 people including RICS members.NAI Ukraine was an initiator and co-organizer of the event. Among the speakers of the discussion were local and foreign experts, members of RICS – Yana Litvinchuk, deputy director at Cushman & Wakefield Ukraine, Stanislav Ivanov, director of consulting and valuation at CBRE Ukraine, Irina Trunova, director of consulting and valuation of NAI Ukraine, Andrey Filev, head of Savills office in Bulgaria, and Andrei Botis, managing partner of NAI Romania.

The moderator of the discussion was  Dmitrii Korniienko, head of corporate real estate NAI Ukraine.

Due to the network of NAI Global, which connects 400 office worldwide, the participation of international experts became possible, NAI Ukraine managed to gather local and foreign experts together to see differences in valuation procedures, major challenges, and success of the countries.

Head of Savills office in Bulgaria, Andrey Filev told about complications and challenges of valuation for international clients. Often, standards of the valuation methodology for such clients can differ from the locally implemented official methodology.

Presentation of managing partner of NAI Romania Andrei Botis was dedicated to the pecularities of the reports reviewing about valuation in Romania and valuation of the “green” buildings.

Фахівці в галузі оцінки – за розвиток співпраці. У Києві відбувся перший за кілька років захід RICS, ініціаторами та співорганізаторами якого виступила NAI Ukraine

Irina Trunova, head of consulting and valuation of NAI Ukraine, an expert in valuation with the over 10-years experience told about the valuation of the investment projects in Ukraine. Irina raised an important issue related to the specificity of the professional evaluators. Among such complicated aspects is the unavailability of the data about deals in the country. It impacts the objectivity of the valuation.

Practical experience of NAI Ukraine is based on multiple consulting projects of the company. Such an experience and possibility to share information with brokers allow the company to deliver high-quality services in the sphere of property valuation as not all evaluators have such a resource. One of the major messages conveyed by Irina was the need to bring the valuation to a new level by means of common resources and efforts, as well as increasing availability of information both for service providers and for the end-users.

During the vivid discussion, which took place right after presentations, experts agreed that there is a set of specific factors, which constrain the development of objective valuation in Ukraine. Among them are the reluctance of developers, investors, realtors, and other experts to cooperate and share information with the aim to improve valuation services in Ukraine.

For NAI Ukraine acted as an initiator of the event, such a discussion was a contribution to the development of high-quality valuation services in Ukraine. We are proud to be a part of not only best-in-class consulting and valuation services we provide in Ukraine for our local and international clients, but also a strong professional community.

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