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New MFC concept in Odessa

New MFC concept in Odessa


New MFC concept in Odessa

Nowadays there is a significant demand for residential, retail, hotel and office real estate in Odessa. Our consultants’ task is to find the most effective and relevant features for the project, as well as their mix and positioning, which maximizes business revenue and value.

To this end, the consulting department of NAI Ukraine conducts a comprehensive study of location, real estate markets, competition and consumer preferences in various segments.

The next step will be developing concept ideas that will be tested for financial efficiency, with the choice of the best option, which will be architecturally implemented by our partners – @urban_experts  and @lesliejonesarchitecture

In the study, our specialists both work with office analytical methods and viruses in field research. They analyze the current market situation in terms of balance – offers, descriptions, prices and trends.

Additionally, our consulting department investigates competitive pressure – its volume, formats, influence degree. NAI Ukraine has its own methodology for processing statistical data (taking into account the shadow economy), which allows a more objective potential markets assessment for development.

Market demand is assessed both in terms of statistics and aggregate data, and through target user groups surveys. After all, it is the users who will determine the success of the project – their preferences and expectations, what they will choose faster or at a higher price. These factors will form the project idea basis.

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