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NAI Ukraine – is a company leader according to THE BIZZ AWARDS

NAI Ukraine – is a company leader according to THE BIZZ AWARDS


NAI Ukraine – is a company leader according to THE BIZZ AWARDS

NAI Ukraine was recognized by one of the most popular Business awards established by World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB)

The BIZZ Awards were created by WORLDCOB to recognize some of the leading businesses across the world, which are contributing significantly to the economy of their country.

For 16 years running  WORLDCOB (founded in the USA) has been promoting and boosting the growth of leading businesses and businesspeople. There are 3,500 members representing over 130 countries.

Playing a pioneering role of highlighting Ukraine on the global map, NAI Ukraine is part of NAI Global, a TOP-3 global real estate consulting and brokerage company represented in 55 countries with 400+ offices and 7000+ employees.

NAI Ukraine was founded in 2016. The firm today is the leading consulting company in the Eastern Europe with a total portfolio of projects over EUR 2,5 billion.

The brand has made significant input in Ukrainian real estate market, providing a unique mix of services: architecture, consulting and commercialization (brokerage). We do feasibility study, concepts of objects, commercialize, seek funding, manage projects.

We  have realised over 600 projects and 100 of them are put into service. Moreover, we care about the commercial efficiency of each property with maximum profitability and stable management.This marks a significant contribution by NAI Ukraine due to its individualized approach.

«I am very pleased that NAI Ukraine team every year is recognized more and more indicating that we are on track. At same time we continue improvements in that regard» says CEO Vitalii Boiko


WORLDCOB is supported by an Evaluation Committee, an autonomous body, formed by a group of professionals with different specializations in business.

The assessment by the Committee is based on criteria that will verify the commitment to quality and the development of a good business management system

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