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MAPIC digital 2020 : NAI Ukraine took part in the International retail property market event

MAPIC digital 2020 : NAI Ukraine took part in the International retail property market event


MAPIC digital 2020: NAI Ukraine took part in the International retail property market event

Established in 1995, MAPIC has always been at the leading edge of the retail revolution, constantly adding new location-based elements while remaining true to its core mission to bring retailers, developers, cities, investors and specialists together to understand, embrace and drive forward amazing lifestyle destinations, attracting attendees from more than 80 countries.

MAPIC gathers retail real estate key players and fosters relationships between a vast community of retailers representing the new retail mix, locations and business services.

This year the key event of 2020 in the real estate retail community was a 100 % digital event aiming to bring international retailers and all the industry stakeholders together in the framework of COVID-19 pandemic.

NAI Ukraine is striving to support the international real estate industry, as well we want to pay attention to the unique situation in Ukraine. Ukraine is ahead of many countries in terms of retail sales growth, in September 2020 it accounts for 11,6 % in comparison with the previous year, and it is twice higher growth than the performance of China and the USA. The main reason is absence of travel shopping, which allowed to keep USD3.8 bln for 2 quarters inside the country, that, along with deferred demand, contributed to the outstanding sales growth.

Despite the fact that the consumer model is changing and decreasing in the frequency of visits, careful choice of shopping location, we are witnessing an increase in average check. As for 9 months of 2020 retail turnover reached USD 31 bln and it is going to be raised by 11 % till the end of the year.

Moreover, we are expecting popularization of main trends on the retail real estate market of Ukraine: transit-oriented real estate, multifunctional complexes, super-regional shopping and entertainment centers.

NAI Ukraine is part of NAI Global, a TOP-3 global real estate consulting and brokerage company represented in 55 countries with 400+ offices and 7000+ employees.

There is over 38 mln sq. m of commercial property under its management, its annual revenue is $ 45 billion. NAI Global is a subsidiary of C—III Capital Partners. It is one of the largest players on the American real estate and investment market with over $150 billion under management.


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